EOI's Ultra-Compact Diamond-Based Activated Oxygen Technology Enables New Products

Electrolytic Ozone, Inc. offers patented diamond ozone technology that enables leading consumer and industrial products companies to bring innovative new products to market. Our flexible modular design means that the EOI electrolytic cell can support a variety of form factors, making it ideal in a wide range of water purification and surface sanitization applications.

EOI has harnessed the benefits of activated oxygen (also called ozone, O3) as an alternative to heat and chemical disinfectants. Technologically-differentiated, EOI’s diamond-based cell enables OEMs to achieve size, performance and safety advantages. EOI intellectual property (IP) helps to ensure our customers’ product differentiation, enabling new high-value consumer and small-scale industrial products in large and growing markets.

Our in-water from-water O3 technology enables compact applications that were previously impossible or impractical. Miniaturized boron-doped diamond electrolytic O3 technology enables next-generation sanitizing applications where size, reliability, and safety from out-gassing are critical.

EOI delivers components and un-branded finished goods to OEM partners. Our fully-integrated platform-level products help customers to bring new products to market quickly. Subsystem modules can be quickly integrated into customer designed systems. And we offer our customers support for system-level lab and field testing, as well as product certification.